Bols Around the World

Bols Around the World


Bols Around the World is one of the world largest global bartending competition. We have built a contest system for Bols Around the World website as a part of their web-ecosystem. Contest system allows creating different contests with different types and levels of access. Judging module allows registering judges and judging competitors divided by regions which decreasing load for the system. More than two thousand bartenders participated in 2017. The BATW 2017 grand winner is Jess Mili. Our congratulations!


  • registration module with confirmation by email;
  • user friendly dashboard for contender;
  • filtration of registered contenders by country or region;
  • interactive wall with clickable profile pictures of registered contenders;
  • form modules for 3 online heats of competition;
  • huge module for judges to estimate contenders’ entries in admin panel;
  • fully managable contest system by administrator and judges.

Examples of pages:

  • Homepage

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