our portfolio

projects we are proud of

Bols Around the World

Bols Around the World website supports online bartending competition that our client Bols conducts every year. 
- registration module with confirmation by email;
- user friendly dashboard for contender;
- filtration of registered contenders by country or region;
- interactive wall with clickable profile pictures of registered contenders;
- form modules for 3 online heats of competition;
- huge module for judges to estimate contenders’ entries in admin.

Bols website

Coporate website for Bols company. 

- user friendly product sliders and masonry product catalogues;
- the flexible cocktail selector filter sorts cocktails by their component and / or occasion;
- cocktail flavour wheel to filter items by their flavours;
- map locator to search for places or people around the globe;
- block with fullscreen banners and timeline for company history info;
- different product portfolios display based user's country.

TV application

Our client Coster Diamonds is a Dutch diamond polishing company. 
We created a special Content Managemen System which can be used as company schedule displayed on a large TV screen. 
- possibility to keep track of company events; 
- the events automatically disappear after their time expires; 
- RSS feed connected.

Bols Business Class

Responsive informative website about events that Bols company conducts around the world. 
- ample media content: banners and videos of events;
- social newsfeed.

Showroom application

Our client Coster Diamonds is a Dutch diamond polishing company. 
We created a special application for tablets to be used in their shop. 
- application for diamond consultants to be used on tablets; 
- simple filtering of products by clarity, colour, carat etc. to find a perfect match.

Wynand Fockink

Website for tasting tavern and liquor store located in Amsterdam.
- responsive website;
- functions in two languages;
- function to buy tickets for a visit;
- online catalogue of liquers, bitters etc.

Invoice application for COSTER Diamonds

Our client Coster Diamonds is a Dutch diamond polishing company.
We created an invoice application for tablets to be used in their shop.
- step by step invoice creation;
- autocomplete for product fields;
- option to sign the invoice;
- option to print invoice or send it by email.

hOUSE OF bols

Responsive website to represent House of Bols museum.
- variety of blocks for photo and video content;
- social newsfeed;
- calendar module to purchase workshop tickets,
- calendar module to order cocktail catering.

bols bartending academy

Website for bartenders and those who want to learn to shake cocktails like a boss.
- calendar module to purchase courses (individual, group, packages);
- sign up for masterclasses;
- course selector tool;
- social newsfeed.

Diamond land

Our Client Diamond Land is a diamond polishing factory from Antwerp, Belgium. 
We created a special registration form for those who have visited the company's museum along with custom backend system. 
- user-friendly registration form; 
- backend system to manage goods, sales and customers.


Personal website for  a court layer.
- fully responsive website;
- user-friendly interface.

Interactive poligonavto

Website with interactive catalog for company which producess ad sells automobile equipment.
- interactive catalog with step by step selection;
- user-friendly interface


Online store for Yuko company that sells technical oils and greases around the world.
- user friendly catalog of products;
- ample information about the services and company news; 
- interactive map with info about Yuko retailers around the globe.     


Online store of mobile phone covers. 
- gallery with wide range of colorful protective covers for iPhones; 
- filtering of covers by styles; 
- functionality for designers to create covers and sell them right on the site.


Job search website for employers and employees in Czech republic. 
- questionnaire for finding a proper job or employee; 
- user-friendly interface.       


Website that offers technological equipment and stainless steel furniture for various enterprises. 
- user-friendly catalouge of products with detailed descriptions; 
- contact form to order equipment; 
- news blocks; - user-frienly design.


Online store of weels for containers. 
- catalogue with wheels; 
- information about exploitation; 
- feedback form; 
- user-frienly design. 


Online store of reliable heat-resistant wheels of high quality materials. 
- catalouge with different series of wheels; 
- articles with news; 
- feedback form; 
- user friendly design;


Online store of the company that sells professional kitchen equipment. 
- quick order form; 
- request for services form; 
- easy to use catalogues with production; 
- news block; 
- feedback form;


Information website about publishsing house. 
- information about services; 
- articles with up-to-date news ; 
- user friendly menu; 
- feedback form;